Norman Bodek

The Harada Method Book

the harada methodThe Harada Method – The Spirit of Self Reliance

Four years ago, I was asked by four students, three from Portland State and one from Utah State to intern with me.  I teach at Portland State University but I never had interns before.  To do this I contacted Shigehiro Nakamura in Japan and asked him if he would teach my students his MAP – a very powerful instrument to attain world class competitive status. Over Skype every other Friday in Vancouver, Washington and Saturday morning in Tokyo, Mr. Nakamura would cover one of 38 MAP areas: quality, cost, delivery, set-up improvement, equipment management, automation, zero-defect production, first class skills, hazard countermeasures, 5S, supplier support, etc.  Each area indicated the world’s best technique and which company delivered it the best.  Like in quality one best technique was six sigma and GE was the company.

On the seventh week we studied Standard Work – Day-to-Day Management – Takashi Harada.  I had no idea who Takashi Harada was but after discussion with Mr. Nakamura and my students I became fascinated with the Harada Method.  I called Mr. Harada in Japan and told him I wanted to meet him and bring his work to the West.  He agreed and I flew to Japan with my wife Noriko who graciously translates for me.  Mr. Harada agreed to let me co-author a new book with him on the Harada Method.  It took us over two years to write the book.  I have had the privilege during these past few years to teach the Harada Method to my students at Portland State University, to over 1000 people at conferences and seminars and to also certify a number of consultants and senior executives.  

The Harada Method provides the means for anyone to establish and reach their goals through a systematic approach that everyone can follow. This method allows the individual to take responsibility for defining their own plan in achieving self-reliance which will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of higher levels of personal and professional performance.  The Harada Method will teach a manager/leader how to be a coach to their employees to motivate them and bring out their best.