Norman Bodek


Developing Your Self to the Fullest

  I feel that I have one fundamental talent and that is to recognize the management geniuses in the world, especially in Japan. Miraculously, I discovered Taichi Ohno, Dr, Shigeo Shingo and others and was able to publish over 100 Japanese books in English and close to 200 more. I didn’t create anything but by […]

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Mistakes Are Jewels!

The most important way we learn is from making mistakes but ironically we are often punished when we inadvertently do something wrong. For example, when you take a test at school and write down the wrong answer your grade goes down. The teachers are looking to see how good your memory is, not to see […]

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To My Linkedin Connections

Let us make our contact meaningful. Over 1900 people have connected with me but I hardly ever hear from any of you. I want to share my learning experiences with you that might help you to be more effective and successful in your lives: a happier person, a better leader, and understand more about the […]

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