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The Harada Method Certification workshop – The World’s Best Method to Develop People May 7th-11th, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel Waterfront In Portland, Oregon

Feedback from the Harada Method Certification workshop in Portland: 


The Harada Course was definitely the most valuable thing I have ever attended. The Method ties Deming, Lean and Coaching together into a powerful success methodology – that I am convinced of! Such a great pleasure to have come.  Enjoyed every single moment.  Had several moments of true enlightenment.  Worth every single $.  You are a great enrichment to the world.” – Kai Raedisch, Senior Consultant with Vollmer & Scheffczyk in Hannover, Germany


“Thank you for the gift of Harada.  What I received this week has been so much more than a method of accomplishing goals.  I have received a way to change my life, the lives of those around me and the world.  You have demonstrated so gracefully how to learn something new and change immediately.  You helped me challenge my own beliefs.  Most of all you showed me unconditional love.  What a gift! This is the core of the Harada Method, the ability to truly see others greater than they see themselves.  I have the deepest respect for you.  I want to thank you for bringing the Harada Method to the English speaking world and to me. It is changing my life dramatically for the better. Jimmy Burds, CEO, Colographic Inc., Commerce City, CO

“It was my honor and pleasure to participate in the Harada Workshop last week. The experience was truly life changing. Incredible experience. I have to tell you that using the Harada tool has increased my productivity by ten!  Really.   I feel great; mentally and physically. I feel “supercharged”.   Norm Wolstein, consultant

“This was one of the best weeks of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it.” Ken Sontag, Chairman, Norscan Instruments Ltd. – Winnipeg, Canada

“My impression is that the Harada Method is a jewel. It’s simple, but very well structured. Definitely the trip from Spain has been worthwhile!!” Rafael Lucero, Valencia, Spain

Very enjoyable. Well worth the time and the investment. Love Norman stories.  Norman may want to think of who will carry on this important work in the distant future. Train a disciple – be intentional about this.” Richard Klassen. President, Enduron / Custom Inc. Winnipeg, Canada

“This workshop is a very good workshop and it really touched me deeply in my emotions. This concept has the potential to change the world. It is very powerful in that it really gets down to building one’s character. It is not a concept that you learn like algebra or a language. It is a character-building concept that deals with the basic core of who and what you are and what you want to be in the future.

The part on the coaching has the potential to really help expand my ability to help others. This is one of the real good take always from this workshop. This has the potential to be a life-altering workshop for me. I have never come home from a workshop and immediately began reviewing and writing like I have from this workshop. Norman, you are a great teacher and a great storyteller.

This is one of the greatest messages of our time! I hope it never dies and only becomes stronger as more voices chime in and make it stronger and better. I know my voice will be heard, strong and in the forefront of my community. Thanks you so much!” Steve Hatch, Consultant

What is so unique about the Harada Method?

It takes the right tools to be a champion, and the Harada Method is a proven system for helping people achieve success. Takashi Harada was a track and field coach at the worst school in the most deprived neighborhood of Osaka, Japan.  Using his method, his students reached the pinnacle of success, winning 13 gold medals at the national track and field competitions.  They became the best athletes at their age level in all of Japan. His school went from the worst and became number one out of 380 schools for twelve years in a row.

How did Mr. Harada do it? He challenged the students to become winners.  He got them to believe in themselves. He got them to believe that in spite of all the odds against them that they could do it. Then he gave them the tools and training they needed to reach their goals.

Mr. Harada recognized that the principles used in sports would also bring success to companies. His innovative system has now been taught to over 60,000 people at 280 companies in Japan. It was selected by a group of teachers and senior managers at the Japan Management Association as the world’s best system to develop people to their fullest capabilities.

The power of sports taken to business

The Harada Method takes the power of coaching and teaching great athletes into the workplace.  This method will sharpen your skills, your mind, your body, and your spirit. When you have a clear goal and can visualize your self becoming the best, everything starts to fall in place for you.

The essence of the Harada Method is what we call “self-reliance.” Self-reliance is the ability of each person to become highly skilled – to be the absolute best at some discipline. People who are self-reliant can be trusted to make responsible decisions for themselves and for the organization they work for.


Norman Bodek is  the president of PCS Inc., a publishing and consulting company in Vancouver, Washington. In 1979, he started Productivity Inc.  and Productivity Press and published hundreds of management books on productivity, quality, and Lean manufacturing. He is now an adjunct professor at Portland State University, teaching a ten-week course on the Best of Japanese Management Practices. Norman is both a winner of the Shingo Prize and also a member of the Industry Week Manufacturing Hall of Fame. He is a frequent keynote speaker.

Terms of the Courses


May 7th – 11th, 2014 Portland, Oregon

The next opportunity to learn the Harada Method will be May 7th – 11, 2014, in Portland, Oregon, at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, 1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon.  To receive a special room rate of $145 at the Marriott, visit or  you can call reservations at 877-901-6632.  Make sure you mention you are attending the Norman Bodek – Harada Workshop so are given the discounted room rate.  

Here are some more details:

      • The Certification Workshop fee is $4,500.00 for the five days, which includes an attendees manual, lunches and coffee/tea breaks.
      • For an additional $475.00 you will be provided with 10 participant manuals and a full month of coaching.  You will be able to send us your completed forms each week and we can review your progress over Skype, phone or email.
      • For each person you teach, you agree to buy a Harada Method book for $50.00.
      • If you are or become an independent consultant to teach the Harada Method, you will agree to pay PCS. Inc. – Harada 15% of your gross income from future Harada Method training events and you also agree to buy a Harada Method book for $50.00 for each of your students.