Norman Bodek

Consulting and Training – Quick and Easy Kaizen


I would say that most manufacturing companies, many banks and hospitals have been attempting to emulate Toyota and be Lean but very few are. Missing is the human element.  

A leader sets the vision on how to be great and “demands” that people fulfill the vision, but leaves the delivery of the vision to others with the most knowledge and experience.  A leader wants those working in the organization to be self-reliant and be fully empowered to produce the best goods and services to the total satisfaction of their customers.  To do that every employee must be a problem solver and encouraged to identify small problems in their work area and to solve and implement the solutions on their own or in small work teams.  

Quick and Easy Kaizen

The heart of Toyota’s success is their Idea System.  At one time Toyota was receiving 70 implemented ideas per employee per year.  I published a book titled “40 Years, 20 Million Ideas – The Toyota Suggestion System.” I have been enamored with the process and have taught it with great success to many companies in the West.  Gulfstream Corporation a Shingo Prize Winner in Mexicali with 1000 people went from 350 ideas in 2005 to 40,000 last year.  It is brilliant what people are capable of accomplishing with a little trust and encouragement from management.  People have the intelligence and the ability to fully participate in the improvement process. Instead of management always telling people what to do, through Quick and Easy Kaizen managers let their employees know what they want to accomplish and then simply ask the workers “What do you think?” “How would you improve customer service?” How would you improve quality and safety?” A new dynamic takes place as people are empowered to serve themselves and their customers.

I’m happy to tell you that we’ve been named a finalist for the People Do Matter awards which is given by the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association. We submitted a nomination centered around our VOICE program (Quick & Easy Kaizen). We had 1305 implemented ideas last year from 130 employees! And profits were up 600%! Obviously we have gotten a very good return on our investment with you.” –Rob Clark, VP Clark Metal Products

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