Norman Bodek

Dream about Barbados – How to differentiate yourself

In Japan, there are people classified as Living Treasures.  They are the highest skilled individuals in theater and in the arts and craft.  Last year, I visited a tea shop in Kagoshima, in the Island of Kyushu and saw this tea cup:

Tea Pot

Notice 840,000 yen is around $7,825.00 and this is sold in a tea shop in a shopping center, not in an antique or jewelry store.  Why would people be willing to pay $7,825.00 for a new tea cup?  I think there is great satisfaction in owing something valuable.  I would love to own the tea cup to drink my  tea and to feel the creative energy coming from the artist, but I would be fearful of dropping it.

Along this line, I had a dream about being in Barbados and the power of differentiating yourself.  You might like to see the video on youtube: